Travel and dining have always been priorities of mine. Nearly as much as I love creating dishes in the kitchen, I love to eat the creations of other chefs. I love all spectrums of good food. From a 3 Michelin starred, World Top 50 restaurant to a taco stand in Mexico City. Travel and dining go hand in hand and I have always traveled to eat. There are few things that I enjoy more than exploring  different food cultures. Early on, however, I realized that I would need to find another way to bankroll my travel. Let’s face it. Travel is expensive! Economy transatlantic flights are often times over a thousand dollars. Add in a hotel, dining and activities and a one week trip to Italy for two can run well over $4,000 without anything left for that fine dining experience. Thankfully for us hobbyists there are ways around that, miles and points! Once relegated to the wonderful, yet archaic, threads of FlyerTalk there are a multitude of resources to educate yourself on the ins and outs of using and collecting points effectively and efficiently.

In this blog I will be sharing my experiences and advice on traveling and dining around the world. I plan on being as transparent as possible with regards to how I book my flights and hotels (airline miles are much easier to collect than hotel points). As well as fly the largest variety of airlines and aircraft. Stay tuned as this next year will be my best one yet.

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