The restaurant I’m currently working at in Colorado is closing for a few days after the ski season. So I decided to go to FL. The route I ultimately settled on may not seem intuitive at first but it made perfect sense to me. First let me say that for domestic flights I almost exclusively fly AA to try to achieve status with them. Additionally I’m still not sure if I’ll achieve ExecPlat via miles or segments. So for the time being I’m not flying the most direct routes to augment the total segments I fly. For this one trip I’ll fly 8 segments.

MIA:SJU Route Map

Stay with me here I know it’s wild. I needed to make a stop in NY. Currently my home airport is Newburg, NY (SWF) which AA only flies to and from Philly. For this trip I booked 3 one-way tickets. From Denver to Newburg, JFK to Miami, and Miami to back to DEN. On the first leg I decided to route through Phoenix because it gives me the best opportunity to fly an internationally configured 757, which only makes a difference if I get upgraded to first, a gamble I’m usually willing to make. I’ll take the Amtrak to NYC to have dinner, I’m currently on the waitlist for Cosme, if not I’ll go for sushi. From there I’ll fly early from JFK to MIA. Flying from major hubs is always nice because you always find the nicest planes. The only downside is that there are typically a lot of elite travelers vying for upgrades. From there we are taking a side trip to San Juan, PR. Returning back to Denver, I decided to route through LAX as I was able to book a flight on AA’s 777-300er, which is their flagship plane.


With 52 lie-flat business seats and 8 first class seats it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll be upgraded.

Stay tuned for the individual reviews.

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