Restaurant Review: Sushi Yasuda

Sushi Yasuda is a restaurant that has been on my radar for over a year now. High end sushi restaurants are my favorite for high end solo dinning. Sitting at the sushi bar conversing with the sushi chef makes the dining experience better. And Sushi is also a quick dinner making ideal for solo evenings, no one wants to sit alone at a restaurant for 3 hours. Naomichi Yasuda was one of the premier sushi chefs in NYC. Although, he has since returned to Japan his restaurant is left with his highly trained protégés. Sushi Yasuda is consistently one of the top rated sushi restaurants in NYC and has obtained a Michelin Star.

Upon being seated I was offered a menu along with a warm scented towel. I quickly turned the menu away as I was here for the Omakase experience, a menu custom tailored by your sushi chef depending on your preferences, appetite and what the chef has on hand..


I did order an appetizer from the specials sheet as the abalone caught my eye as that’s something I had never eaten.

Lightly Steamed Abalone

Abalone is a very large sea snail. It is sliced thinly as it would be too tough otherwise. It generally comes from California and is somewhat rare. Unfortunately, it was surprisingly bland.

Sashimi portion of the Omakase

Then began the Omakase experience. From this point on, my sushi chef attended to me exclusively until I left, which definitely added to the experience. I’m not going to try to list each piece of sushi or sashimi I had. They just kept flowing and there is no way to remember them all. That being said I had 4-5 different types of tuna. Including different varieties and different levels of fat content. He also served me various varieties of salmon from New Zealand King Salmon to Artic Char, I know not technically salmon. The uni, sea urchin, was definitely one of the highlights.

Every few min he would ask me how I was doing and I’d respond with “great, keep it coming.” It’s a really fun way to eat sushi. There came a point when I was just beginning to get full, which I knew meant I’d be full in 10 min whether or not I kept eating so I motioned for the bliss to come to an end. All in all I was in and out in 50 min. One of the best sushi restaurants in NYC.

Service: 10/10

Food: 9.5/10

Atmosphere: 9.5/10

Price: $$$$

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