Trip Review: DEN-LAX-JFK

With my externship at Sweet Basil officially over it was time to move back to NY. I will certainly miss living in Vail, but I'm also ready to go back to NY. I chose to fly to NY through LAX because that's an airport I've been dying to checkout more as they have some of the... Continue Reading →

Qantas First Class Lounge LAX

The Qantas First Class lounge in LAX serves as the first class lounge for all OneWorld passengers. To have access you need to have Emerald status with a OneWorld carrier or be flying first class on a 3 cabin international or transcontinental OneWorld flight. Since I was flying first class on a 3 cabin transcontinental flight... Continue Reading →

Westin Riverfront Avon, CO

When I saw that the Westin Riverfront in Avon, $700+ per night during the ski season, had rooms available for $100 I decided to spend a night there on my last pair of days off from my externship at Sweet Basil in Vail. The purpose was twofold, this year I won't hit the 50 night threshold... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Matsuhisa Vail

Today I dined at one of Vail's best restaurants. I can't say best becasue I'm partial to Sweet Basil, where I've worked for the past 15 weeks. But really Sweet Basil is the best restaurant in town. Anyway, Matsuhisa is a Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant. Who is most known for his Nobu restaurants around the world.... Continue Reading →

Heritage Series: Alinea

I decided to go back and document some of my most memorable dining experiences. I have a large collection of pictures of restaurants I’ve been to and this will force me to analyze and relive the experiences. The first installment in this series will be Alinea’s pop up in Miami. About a year ago while... Continue Reading →

The Best Travel Cards

Although I promised myself this wouldn’t be a credit card blog I’m allowing myself this one post to discuss the credit cards I currently have and why they make sense to me. Because after all, they are an integral part of how I am able to travel as much as I do. Let me begin... Continue Reading →

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Trip Review: MIA to LAX

To get from Miami to Denver I decided to route through Los Angeles. While this may not seem like a rational decision, I was presented with the opportunity to fly on American’s flagship plane, the 777-300er. This plane is the largest plane they fly and to be able to fly it on a domestic route... Continue Reading →

Lounge Review: Centurion Lounge MIA

The American Express Centurion Lounge is by far the nicest lounge in Miami International Airport. Although the newly renovated Admirals Club just steps away is a nice new spot to pass the time observing the busy terminal below, it is sorely lacking in tangible amenities, namely food. When you enter the Centurion Lounge you are... Continue Reading →

Chateau Latour Vertical Dinner

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Chateaux Latour Vertical Bordeaux Wine Dinner at Valentino’s Cucina Italiana. Valentino’s is one of the best Italian restaurants in South Florida. In Broward county it is only rivaled by Casa D’Angelo, my former boss’s high end outpost. Upon entering we were ushered to the private room... Continue Reading →

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