Lounge Review: Centurion Lounge MIA

The American Express Centurion Lounge is by far the nicest lounge in Miami International Airport. Although the newly renovated Admirals Club just steps away is a nice new spot to pass the time observing the busy terminal below, it is sorely lacking in tangible amenities, namely food.

When you enter the Centurion Lounge you are greeted by a large green foyer.

Lounge checkin area

After you check in you walk past the complimentary spa and are in the main room. The best part of the Centurion lounges is that everything is complimentary. Offering a complimentary spa is something that really sets these lounges apart.

The Centurion Lounge Spa

The spa offers 15 min treatments ranging from manicures to a back and shoulder chair massage. Unfortunately the first available massage was 15 min after I was supposed to board so I had to pass on the free massage today.

Hot buffet line

Now the part of the Centurion Lounges I enjoy the most is the food. A local chef collaborates with each location to design the menu. In Miami, Chef Michelle Bernstein is the collaborating chef.

Salad bar

The lounge always offers a good sampling of salads. They usually have one with beets, which I love, although today that was switched for the watermelon salad. The chicken dish is always good. I like that they serve thighs as they hot hold much better than chicken breasts without drying out.

Sautéed chicken thigh over creamy polenta
Full service complimentary bar

The Centurion Lounge also has a full service bar. They always have a local craft beer and pour mid shelf liquor like Johnny Walker Black and Belvedere Vodka. While sitting at the bar I noticed that they were squeezing grapefruit juice, so I asked the bartender what drinks they use the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice in. So he recommended me a St Germaine cocktail with grapefruit juice and Chartreuse. It was quite good.

St Germain Cocktail

Each lounge also has an agua fresca which is a nice offering to add a unique non-alcoholic beverage. Miami is currently offering a strawberry orange agua fresca that was very good. And of course, just to round things out, the lounge has a nice espresso machine that is quite good.


Upon heading out I decided to stop by the Admirals Club just to quickly see the new space. The interesting thing about the Admirals Club is that most people pay for a membership. And although a very nice spot everything costs money. I don’t understand paying for lounge access to have to buy food at airport prices.

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