Trip Review: MIA to LAX

To get from Miami to Denver I decided to route through Los Angeles. While this may not seem like a rational decision, I was presented with the opportunity to fly on American’s flagship plane, the 777-300er. This plane is the largest plane they fly and to be able to fly it on a domestic route is nice. Additionally, it offers 52 business class seats. Which means that as an ExecutivePlatinum member with American chances are good I’ll receive an upgrade. I receive complimentary upgrades if the seats are unsold. And with 52 of them on the plane I figured it would be as sure a thing as these things ever are. Thankfully a little over 24 hours before the flight I received the email that was given an upgrade!

I arrived at the airport early to be able to review the Amex Centurion Lounge in Miami.

Compare the pickup truck in the back to the plane

As I got to my gate I snapped a picture of the plane. It’s hard to really see the size in a picture but the cars do give it some perspective. I love the look of the plane.

Considering I paid an economy fare this seat!

The business class is stunning. I had a window seat, which I highly recommend for solo travelers. The middle seat wouldn’t be too bad either since you need to lean forward to see/talk to the person next to you. The real problem that there are no ideal seats for couples.

On transcontinental routes (MIA to LAX and JFK to LAX or SFO) American gives an amenity kit to their premium cabins. It’s different than the ones they give on international routes. So this is presumably the worst kit AA gives out. I’ll compare it more when I fly their A321 first class in the near future. The kits are made by Cole Haan but don’t let that fool you, it’s not a bag you are likely to keep and use as it’s very flimsy and feels cheap.

Cole Haan Transcontinental Business Amenity Kit
The menu for the flight

The menu on the flight to LA really only had one option, beef oscar or sea bass. I was under no delusions that either would be good but I always like to give them a chance. This was no exception, the beef was tough and chewy.

The beef was tough but the sauce and potatoes were good

The one part I love about flying in AA is the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sundae.

Flying in American’s premium cabins always has a consistently good dessert: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

The 77W has a little lounge where they set up snacks, on international flights the set up is much nicer with dessert options. But here I took some snacks for a rainy day.


My gate in LAX was right next to the tunnel that leads the the Bradley International Terminal. So I decided to head to the OneWorld Business Class lounge as I had access with my business transcontinental flight on AA. Flying first class domestically doesn’t give you lounge access with AA or OneWorld partner lounges unless you are flying one of the 3 transcontinental routes I mentioned earlier. So Although my layover was short I decided to head to the lounge. It was spectacular. The only airline lounge I’ve been impressed with in the US, but then again that’s becasue it’s run by Qantas, Cathay and British. Anyway I only had 10 min in the lounge so I’ll wait to review it until I can spend a couple hours in there.

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