Westin Riverfront Avon, CO

When I saw that the Westin Riverfront in Avon, $700+ per night during the ski season, had rooms available for $100 I decided to spend a night there on my last pair of days off from my externship at Sweet Basil in Vail. The purpose was twofold, this year I won’t hit the 50 night threshold to maintain my platinum status with SPG but I realized a few weeks ago that the 25 stays might be doable. My two SPG Amex cards give me credit for two stays each which brings the number down to 21. And this year I’ve already had multiple one night stays at the Sheraton JFK and Westin Denver Airport hotel. That has mostly been due to the fact that I now live two hours from a major airport wether in Vail or at school in NY.

You can see the ski slopes in the distance.

Staying for a night at the Westin in Avon I was able to checkout a hotel that I’ve had my eye on for a while and get me one step closer to keeping my platinum status for 2018. I also decided to use my first, of 10, suite upgrades I have for 2017. When you achieve platinum status you get 10 suite upgrades which can be used one per night on a stay with any Starwood hotel. You only get the suite if one is available 5 days before arrival, the only weak point in SPG’s loyalty program. Overall, however, SPG offers the most generous benefits to their top level elite members and it’s the easiest program to achieve the top tier. I would not be able to qualify for top tier status at Hyatt, Marriott or Hilton, which is why I’m so upset that SPG was bought by Marriott. My plan is to achieve status for 2018 with SPG by which point they will be fully merged with Marriott and then in 2018 I’ll look for a status match or challenge with Hyatt or Hilton to have status for 2019. So 2020 is the year I’ll lose my hotel status unless something changes which I’m hopeful for.

Anyway, the Westin in Avon would be one of my favorite hotels for a ski vacation which I’d book with SPG points. The hotel although in Avon not Beaver Creek built a gondola right from the lobby that connects the hotel with the lowest point on the mountain. It’s the only “ski-in ski-out” hotel in Avon becasue of this.

Living room with gas fireplace

The suite I was upgraded to was fairly large and had a fully stocked kitchen, better than my apartment rental in Vail.

Full kitchen which was very well stocked

One thing I loved, although didn’t use on my one night stay, was that the room had a full sized washer and dryer. That would come in very handy on a week long ski trip for sure.

Washer and dryer right in the room with free soap

The views from my room were, unfortunately, of the entrance which was also under construction at the time. Although the views were one of the worst in the hotel I nonetheless enjoyed the room.

View of the construction right from my room!

The hotel also has a full sized gym, with many outside members. I love when I hotel has a nice gym rather than a workout room. I took advantage of the gym twice on my one night stay. From the gym you have views of the top of Beaver Creek Mountain. The gym had a pilates, yoga, weight, spin studio, and cardio sections, and was connected to the hotel spa and salon.

Part of the cardio section.

The outdoor pool and 3 infinity hot tubs were very nice.

Hot tub with a view!

There’s nothing like a nice hot tub after a workout. A week ago we had two feet of snow. Today it’s 77˚ and sunny. And as you can see in the picture below there are a few people enjoying the pool. That’s the Rockies in May.

View of the lobby and pool from the business center.

Overall this is one of the nicest Westin properties I’ve stayed at. I wouldn’t pay $700 per night during ski season but I think it’s a fantastic value to use SPG points if you want to stay during the ski season. Or stay in May when everything in the Vail Valley is steeply discounted. Unpredictable weather for sure. It might snow, or it could be warm enough to use the pool, you just never know.

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