Qantas First Class Lounge LAX

The Qantas First Class lounge in LAX serves as the first class lounge for all OneWorld passengers. To have access you need to have Emerald status with a OneWorld carrier or be flying first class on a 3 cabin international or transcontinental OneWorld flight. Since I was flying first class on a 3 cabin transcontinental flight I had access.


Since I hadn’t eaten in a while I headed straight to the back where there is a full service restaurant. The food is definitely restaurant quality and I’d definitely have no problem paying $50+ for a similar spot in LA. I love when lounges offer restaurant quality table service for free.

Nicolas Feuillatte Rose NV

To start I ordered a prosciutto and grilled peach appetizer. The prosciutto was really good and paired really well with the peaches.

Prosciutto di San Danielle

Next I ordered a spicy tomato soup. It was decent but not spicy at all. Like zero spice.

If I had to pick a least favorite this would be it. Although it was good.

From there I ordered the braised lamb dish that was very good. Again I’d have more complaints about the description of it than the actual dish which was top class.

Braised Lamb with Avocado Puree, Cherry Tomatoes and Rice.

I followed that with a cheese plate which had a Point Reyes blue, a goat and Saint Andre triple cream (similar to brie).

The Point Reyes Blue was out of control.

And to finish I had the ice cream sundae with lychee, pineapple, and toasted coconut and an espresso martini (for the caffeine of course).

Vanilla Ice Cream with Lychees, Pineapple, and toasted Coconut.
Espresso Martini

After dinner I walked through the lounge before going to check out the business class lounge. The views leave a bit to be desired. As much as I loved this lounge it didn’t really have nice views of the tarmac or terminal.

The only ok views were from the kids area overlooking the hectic checkin areas

With a full service restaurant and bar as well as plenty of comfortable seating it is a comfortable place to spend a few hours. It was also never full while I was there. Not a ghost town, which I don’t like either, but never crowded.


Overall the Qantas first class lounge is spectacular. Foremost the food is really good. They had a broad menu with many tempting items. It also had a fairly exclusive feel, especially because it was never crowder during my stay. The business class lounge on the other hand, while a ‘cooler’ space, tends to get overly crowded. It makes sense as many of these flights have 8 first class seats and 60 business class seats. The Qantas First Class lounge has is my favorite domestic lounge I’ve been in so far and I don’t see it being dethroned anytime soon.

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