Trip Plan: JFK to LHR via California of course.

I needed to get to Europe to meet up with my family. Whenever I fly by myself I try to take advantage to fly interesting products that may require an onerous connection or connections that ‘normal’ people may not be willing to do. Also I’ve been dying to fly the A380 which is the largest commercial plane. As an AviationGeek who flew over 140k miles last year it’s embarrassing that I have never flown the A380, A350 or 787 aircrafts. The latter two are some the two most advanced planes with regards to fuel efficiency, construction materials and passanger comfort not connected to seats because Boeing and Airbus manufacture the planes not the seats. The A380 is a double decker throughout and simply dwarfs other wide body aircraft, it is the largest commercial aircraft. Unfortunately there aren’t many A380 routes in the US. Off the top of my head I can only think of 3 or 4 to Europe. Air France flies an A380 to NY and Miami (and possibly other cities) Singapore Airlines from JFK to Frankfurt and British Airways from LAX to London. There are a lot more going east too but that didn’t help me here. When I was booking my trip I decided to book my transatlantic flight from LAX to London on British Airways’ A380. This would also allow me to fly JetBlue’s relatively new Mint product from New York to Los Angeles to catch my flight to London. It all sounded great in my head. I booked my flight to Los Angeles, super excited. Then life got in the way, I was busy with school exams. And I simply forgot. A couple weeks later I logged on to buy the British Airways flight, still 4 months out, and to my horror it had more than doubled in price! Now what?! I had to rule out the BA flight. In addition I had this JetBlue Mint flight from JFK to LAX going in the opposite direction of where I needed to get to. Part of the problem was that I was almost equally excited to fly that flight. I knew that the rational decision would be to Just fly from NY to Europe and try to move the JetBlue flight back to a more usable date. But then again no part of flying to California on my way to Europe was really rational. So of course I decided to hop on the flight to Los Angeles and fly to Europe from there. I had to give up flying on an A380, for now, becasue the only other airline flying one to Europe is Singapore and it was too expensive and too close to book with points. One of the best business class cabins on the transatlantic market is American Airlines. The only down side is that the business class cabin is wildly inconsistent across their fleet. However, they are arguably the best if you can fly the 777-300 (77w). So I next looked for flights to London from Los Angeles to try and fly on AA’s 77w. I found one but it unfortunately routed through JFK. My originating airport. This shook my whole resolve as to the sanity of my decisions. But thankfully my crazy side won out when I saw that there was availability to use the second of my 4 systemwide upgrades on my flight from LAX to LHR. That sealed the deal as it guaranteed first class on both the flight from LAX to JFK and JFK to LHR. In addition the flight from LAX to JFK is operated by a nice 3 cabin plane that AA only operates between NY and Los Angeles and San Fransisco. So I’m excited to get a decent value out of this systemwide upgrade as it’ll be on two flights.

Here is the route map. I split it up as the overlapping flights wouldn’t be evident.

My JetBlue Mint Flight
My AA flights back to NY an then to LHR

When I take a step back I’m flying across the country for fun. But it’ll surely be fun as I’ll be flying business or first the whole way. Stay tuned for reviews on my first ever JetBlue Mint flight, the OneWorld First class lounge in LAX, the new Flagship Admirals Club and Dining in JFK, my first class flights on AA’s A321T and 777-300 and the British Airways’ First Galleries Lounge in London. I’m super excited if you can’t tell.

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