The Concorde Room LHR

One of the best parts of flying first class on British Airways is access to the Concorde Room in London. British Airways has the Galleries First lounge for Oneworld Emerald members and passengers flying first class on partner airlines. For their own first class passengers there is the Concorde Room. This lounge has much better service and food than the Galleries First lounge. Upon entering I stored my luggage. The lounge is very handsome in a classic way and one of my favorite parts is the ‘outdoor’ terrace overlooking the terminal. It’s not actually outdoors but it’s a terrace in the terminal out of the main lounge area.

Terrace overlooking Terminal 5

Since I would be flying first class I wanted to eat as soon as possible so I’d be hungry on the flight as well. So I made my way over to the restaurant in the lounge. You can order food from anywhere in the lounge but I prefer to sit and order food in the restaurant. To start I had sautéed asparagus which were good but overly plain. One of the best parts of the lounge is the champagne they offer which is Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle. Next I ordered a pan seared salmon which was served with a mustard sauce that was really good.

Seared Salmon with a Delicious Mustard Sauce

And to finish the meal I had a cheese plate with a glass of 2000 Warre’s Colheita Port. A Colheita is a single vintage tawny port. There are so many types of port but Colheita Port is towards the top of the quality spectrum and more approachable at a younger age than a vintage port (rightfully considered the best) becasue it is exposed to more oxygen as it ages.

The Concorde Room Cheese Plate with a Glass of Port

At this point I left the lounge to wander the shops in Terminal 5 which rival 5th Ave in NYC. I stopped at the Fortnum & Mason restaurant for a glass of champagne and a small tin of caviar, which was amazing.

I always try to take advantage of things not available in the US when traveling abroad. 

At that point I headed back to the lounge and had a cup of tea. Before making the long trek to the B gates.

Always a Formal Tea Service in London!

In general I really like the Concorde Room in London. The food quality is really good and the alcohol is definitely high-end. They serve Johnnie Walker Blue Label as their blended scotch, unique single malt scotches, burgundy 1er cru wines and high-end champagne.

Concorde Room Full Service Bar (All Free of Course, err Included)

It is a perfect spot to pass a layover and even my 4 hour layover seemed short. Although I know this isn’t considered a top 5 lounge in the world, to this point it is the nicest lounge I’ve been to, along with the Qantas First Class lounge in LAX.

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