Trip Review: BA 787-9 First Class

Returning from Europe I decided to book a flight on British Airways 787-9 becasue I figured it would be a good choice for my first ever flight on a 787, the ultra high tech airplane from Boeing. Although Newark airport is the nastiest of the tri-state area airports it’s the easiest airport to transfer to Manhattan, especially Penn Station when using public transport. The NY airports are woefully unconnected and subject to the whims of NYC traffic. For those reasons I prefer to fly into Newark and out of JFK.

View of London Heathrow from above.

Anyway, I landed in London from my short flight from Barcelona and had about 4 hours before my flight to Newark departed. I landed in terminal 3 and made my long trek to terminal 5 and settled into the Concorde Room, one of my favorite lounges. When I made it to my gate they had already begun pre-boarding and first class soon followed.

My first Impression of the Cabin

The first class cabin on the 789 is essentially the same as the other BA first class cabins, although it has a more sleek feel. There are many little storage nooks and a closet with a real wooden suit hanger for each passenger. As we boarded we were offered a glass of Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Champagne along with an amenity kit and a pair of pajamas.

Pre departure champagne

As soon as we were airborne the meal service began.

Amuse Bouche

I ordered the baked camembert as my starter which was really good. The grilled bread that came with it was pretty terrible but the cheese was fantastic.

Baked Camembert topped with breadcrumbs

For my main I ordered a black bass which was good. It really tasted much better than the picture looks. It wasn’t dried out which is what I look for in airplane food. I admittedly hold a lower standard for airplane food.


And to finish I had the cheese plate with a glass of port. They had a solid selection of cheeses and the colheita port was decent.

The blue was fantastic. 

After my meal I tried to sleep for a few hours and awoke an hour and a half before landing. At this time I was offered afternoon tea to which I said yes.

Scones with clotted cream, cakes and finger sandwiches.

This is possibly my favorite part of flying British. I love the formal tea service and there’s something special about it at 35,000 feet.

Overall I’d rank first class on British just a tad better than American. And with award availability seemingly 10 times better than American it’s a no brainer. Business class is way better on American though, something to keep in mind. The first class service on British was very professional. As far as the OneWorld carriers go this is the best way to cross the Atlantic in my opinion. Although I haven’t flown them yet from what I’ve seen Air France, Lufthansa and Singapore all offer better first class cabins over the Atlantic so that’s something to strive towards.

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