Hotel Review: Westin Place Vendôme

For our stay in Paris I choose the Westin at Place Vendôme becasue the location is top notch. Located across the street from the Louvre Museum, a 5 min walk to the Musee d’Orsay (my favorite) and one less than one block from Angelina’s! The only thing is that part of the city is far from the Eiffel Tower but I’m not a fan of the tower from close anyway. It’s great from afar.

We landed at Orly and took an Uber into the city. I found Uber to be significantly cheaper than taxis and therefore worth the premium over public transportation. Plus when visiting foreign cities I generally don’t like to travel under ground, becasue I then have a fragmented view of the city. Bus networks are also always significantly more complicated. Anyway we arrived at the hotel before 10am and proceeded to the checkin counter. As an SPG Platinum member I get early checkin privileges but since I had used some of my advanced suite upgrades our suite wasn’t ready and was told wouldn’t be until 3pm.

Walking in Paris to fight sleep!

So left our bags to be stored and left on foot to traverse the familiar spots. After walking to Notre Dame, lunch at Cafe de Flores, Luxembourg Gardens, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, a stop at Laudrée (inventor of the Macaroon) it was time to check in.

This made my 5 hour wait for my room all better

We returned to the hotel and checked into our awesome suite.

The room was great although the view was of the roof of an interior courtyard. I’m always willing to give up a view for a suite as I’ll be spending most of my time outside anyway. We got into the room and our bags followed about 15 min later. To my dismay I realized that the handle on my relatively new Globetrotter bag was broken by the bellmen. No one wanted to accept blame and that made the situation worse.

My Globetrotter!!!!

I went to speak to the manager who offered to send the bag to get the handle glued. I told him that if that’s all he was offering to forget it I’d have it fixed myself. The following time I went downstairs he approached me to tell me that if I had the bag fixed in London I could pass the bill on to the hotel. This was a much better solution and easy on their part as I was doing all the work anyway. But what annoyed me was that even at this point he kept insinuating that I had possibly given the bag to them already broken. In as many words he was offering to pay for the repairs and at the same time calling me a liar. Not ok for a hotel of this stature.

Just on a side note when I did take the bag to Globetrotter in London, without hesitation, they offered to have the handle replaced, ship the bag to my house in NY AND lend me a bag that I could return on my next trip to London (which is more than 5 months away)! All that for free, I was speechless. That’s how you keep customers happy (and loyal).

Anyway, other than the bag fiasco and the manager calling me a liar our stay was awesome. I took full advantage of the gym although I found it to be very small for a Westin hotel who have branded themselves as healthy fitness centered hotel company.

Small gym for a Westin

My favorite part of the hotel was the beautiful central courtyard which I took advantage of for everything from coffee to pre dinner drink.

Awesome courtyard in the lobby.

Before I knew it out time in Paris was up and we were off to London.

London here we come!

This hotel is stunning and in a fantastic location. The only negative was the way the manager dealt with the situation with my bag. I didn’t even mind that much that the bag was broken as I realize that even at 5 star hotel people are people. I’m very forgiving when it comes to mistakes but the attitude of the manager is what really upset me. Will that keep me from staying here again? Umm probably not. I loved just about everything else. And since I’m current’l loyal to SPG, which gave me the awesome free suite upgrade, I have few options. There are 4-5 SPG options that I consider prime locations and the Westin is habitually the cheapest, probably becasue it’s the biggest.



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