Singapore Airlines First Class JFK to Frankfurt

A while ago I decided that I had given AmericanAirlines enough loyalty over the past couple years and it was time to go on a spending spree (Chase and Amex points that is). First up was my first ever flight on an A380 and I decided that Singapore Airlines was going to be the deserving airline. Singapore has a 5th freedom route between New York and Frankfurt and for getting to Rome I figured that this would be a nice route.

As this is currently Singapore’s only route into NY they don’t operate their own lounges rather for the first class passengers they have an agreement with the Virgin Clubhouse in JFK.

The lounge is as nice a business class lounge I’ve ever been in. And comprable to many first class lounges. They offer restaurant style dining throughout the lounge and the food was very good. The fried calamari was particularly good and next time I get to go in here I’ll probably just order about 15 of those.

I decided on a burger to get one last taste of home before going on a Europe/Middle East trip for over 10 days. Everything was top notch.

In addition there is a free spa with barber services too! Unfortunately it’s not free for Singapore customers but it’s still a nice touch. Overall the lounge is a very fun space to kill a couple hours. There is a nice bar area in the center of the lounge which also has plenty of TV’s which were all playing bowl games. Needless to say before too long it was time to head to my gate.

Our plane before being towed to the gate
Nice first impression!

The seat is reminiscent of a train compartment which harkens back to the golden age of travel. Which consequently is a phrase I hate because I firmly believe that the golden age of travel is right now. Never before has the world been so connected and never before have you been able to travel on a plane in such comfort and style, but I digress. From the moment I stepped on board I understood what all the fuss was about. The level of service was similar to a 3 Michelin starred restaurant. Everything was perfect.

The earphones they hand out were of course Bose QC headsets. And the amenity kit was the nicest bag I’ve gotten to date. It was a Salvatore Ferragamo kit with a nice decent sized cologne. One negative though is that is was very sparsly filled. Lacking were a toothbrush and a pen which I come to rely on lately. But I’m nitpicking because I’ll take this over any other simply because of the bag. It’s also worth noting that the pj’s that they handed out were some of the most comfortable too.

From having to decide wether I wanted Vintage Krug or Dom Pérignon (who am I kidding I had both) to the beautifully crafted menu I knew from the onset that this would be leagues beyond anything I had ever experienced in a western airline.

The meal began with a caviar service. This was the first time I’ve had caviar on a plane and it was cool in and of itself yet the actual caviar was quite subpar. Other than that the meal was outstanding. Of course I continued to drink Krug champagne throughout the entirety of the meal. For the main course Singapore airlines has this awesome feature where you can ‘Book the Cook.’ Which means that ahead of time you can go online and select from a list of what seemed like 45 options what you’d like to eat. So I naturally scoured the list looking for the hardest dish to execute at 40,000 feet. I settled on Lamb Chops. They were very good although next time I’ll look to get what I think will be best executed given the restraints of a airplane kitchen.

After finishing dinner I decided try and sleep the remainder of the flight. I told the flight attendant not to wake me up for breakfast and then she made up my bed. The seat doesn’t reline into a bed but rather flips forward and they place a mattress pad on it.

Not a bad bed in the sky!

The bed was well over 6 ft long and I had no problem getting a good nights sleep. Unfortunately I was woken up because we were on approach and about to land.

Overall this was undoubtedly the best flight of my life. I look forward to flying Singapore again in the not so distant future (fingers crossed to getting the new suites class)! I am also excited to see how it compares to the Gulf Carriers which I’ll also be flying in first class in the near future. So here’s to a fantastic 2018 which is off to a running start!

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