My name is David Gonzalez. Originally from sunny South Florida, I am currently studying culinary arts in the beautiful state of NY. For as long as I can remember, food and travel have been my passions. From a very young age, I loved traveling, including the whole airport experience. We used to travel once a year to visit family in Spain, and it was the highlight of my year. When I turned 18, I took my first trip to Paris where I visited some of the finest restaurants in Europe. I was hooked!

Lately, travel has turned into somewhat of an obsession. In particular I enjoy figuring out ways to travel for free by leveraging credit cards and airline and hotel loyalty programs. In this way, I been able to cross off quite a few destinations on my travel bucket list. At the same time, I have been pursuing my culinary dreams by working in fine restaurants and attending college and culinary school full-time.

In this blog I will be documenting my travel and dining experiences, along with some tidbits on how to fly the world in business and first class without breaking the bank.

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