St Regis Dubai (and more)

After the new year I flew to Dubai with a friend for a quick visit, my first to the middle east. We landed at 3am in Dubai. Since the Dubai airport is normally a transit point from Europe and Asia the arrival time can be in the middle of the night. Either way we landed... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Paul Bocuse

Paul Bocuse has done more for the evolution of French Cuisine than any other living person. Now considered classic food Paul Bocuse was actually the pioneer of the Nouvelle Cuisine, the new cuisine. The term was coined by Henri Gault, one of the critics who started the prestigious Gault Millau guide, describing food that Bocuse was making.

Restaurant Review: The Ledbury

For our second (of 3) dinners in London I choose The Ledbury. There are two 3 Michelin Starred restaurants in London the first is Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, which we had just dined at, and the second is Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. I choose not to dine at Alain Ducasse's restaurant because I already have... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Restaurant Gordon Ramsey

I was intrigued to see how good a restaurant like this could be. I've always wondered how involved someone like Gordon Ramsey is with this, or any of his restaurants. And oddly enough I found good value in one of London's most expensive restaurants.

Restaurant Review: L’Arpège

L’Arpège is one of those restaurants that people travel the world to dine at. L’Arpège is famous for transitioning from a classic sauce and meat heavy restaurant into a 100% vegetarian restaurant around 20 years ago without losing their coveted 3 Michelin stars. Alain Passard has reintroduced meat back into the menu although it remains... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Le Pavillon Ledoyen

Ledoyen is one of Paris's oldest restaurants. It has been called that since 1814 but existed even before that as an inn. Located on Champs-Élysées close to Place de la Concorde it has been a staple of Paris for ever (away from the shopping mega stores). This restaurant predates the gentrification of Avenue des Champs-Élysées... Continue Reading →

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