Restaurant Review: L’Arpège

L’Arpège is one of those restaurants that people travel the world to dine at. L’Arpège is famous for transitioning from a classic sauce and meat heavy restaurant into a 100% vegetarian restaurant around 20 years ago without losing their coveted 3 Michelin stars. Alain Passard has reintroduced meat back into the menu although it remains... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Le Pavillon Ledoyen

Ledoyen is one of Paris's oldest restaurants. It has been called that since 1814 but existed even before that as an inn. Located on Champs-Élysées close to Place de la Concorde it has been a staple of Paris for ever (away from the shopping mega stores). This restaurant predates the gentrification of Avenue des Champs-Élysées... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Günter Seeger

Chef Günter has lived and worked in Atlanta for many years. He ran the restaurant in the Atlanta Ritz Carlton before opening his own restaurant, Seeger’s. He claims to have become disillusioned with the changing market in Atlanta and decided to trek up north where it’s more economically viable to run a “very high end”... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: The French Laundry

For many years the number one restaurant on my wish list was The French Laundry. This restaurant is the flagship restaurant of Thomas Keller, who will go down as the best American chef of the 20th and 21st centuries. Many of the most influential chefs currently helming restaurants in the US are acolytes of Thomas... Continue Reading →

Heritage Series: Pizza Movie Night!

No series of my most memorable dining experiences would be complete without mentioning probably my most memorable dining ritual of all. Since as long as memory serves every Friday we would have homemade pizza. It was every Friday and only on Friday's if we missed it we missed it. Through the years the quality of the... Continue Reading →

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